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South Insure is an independent website that allows users to request insurance quotes from South Africa’s top insurers. We work with third party providers to ensure that you are provided with best priced quotes in as short a time as possible.

At South Insure we focus on the consumer by maintaining an independent platform for quote requests. We are not owned or managed by any South African insurer, broker or financial services provider. South Insure is a wholly private website with services provided by advertisers and their agents.

We try our utmost to ensure the accuracy of information on this website. However, we advise all users to speak to an insurer, broker or financial planner about specific aspects of different insurance products. We will not be held liable for the misuse of any information on this website or by affiliated enterprises.

South Insure does not collect or store any personal information that is requested or submitted during a quote request. You information is captured and validated on third party websites despite the request form appearing on www.southinsure.co.za. We do not store or collect any of your personal details.

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