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Hospital Insurance

Medical expenses in South Africa can be exorbitant. Even if you are fully covered by a medical aid, your personal expenses do not stop just because you are hospitalised. You and your family may need access to cash while you awaiting treatment or recovering from surgery.

Hospital insurance takes care of your financial needs when you cannot. It pays out for every day that you are in hospital. Unlike medical aid that pays your doctor, hospital insurance pays you and you can use the cash as you please.

With doctors now charging more than what your medical aid will pay, hospital insurance can ensure that you are will have the financial ability to settle outstanding medical bills. It is particularly helpful if you are self-employed and will lose a part of your income by being hospitalised.

Whether you are using a public or private facility, hospital insurance will pay you out if you have been in hospital for legitimate reasons. It does not matter whether you are a medical aid member or not. Hospital insurance is standalone cover for you and your family.

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