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House Insurance

Your house is not just a building. It is a major part of your life. It can also be a hole in your pocket if you do not have it adequately covered with a house insurance policy. There is just no way of saying when disaster may strike in your home.

With house insurance you can rest assured that you do not need to have cash in your hand to tend to unforeseen circumstances. It can be the water damage from a burst pipe, a fire that destroys your kitchen or a burglary that leaves your house empty.

These are eventualities that you can strike any homeowner and there is no way of knowing when and where it can occur. House insurance ensures that these eventualities are quickly taken care of whether it is a few thousand Rand or several hundreds of thousands.

Even if you are not a home owner, home insurance covers all your contents as a tenant in a rental property. Household insurance can be bundled with your car insurance in a single policy thereby ensuring you lower rates than individual cover.

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